The Chicken Pool

Uncomplicated pool for the Cardano Blockchain

Pool id: 66b93eddb36117aea14fc99ac63e03d42fe28e14360b2890f483cce9439047e0

Fixed Fee: 50 ADA

Percent Fee: 6%

Max Fee: 100K ADA

Clear Pricing

We take 6% of your earnings, no more, no less.


Pool is protected with firewalls and its private keys are stored securely in safe.


The Pool is hosted by Digital Ocean in their European data center. It is up 24/7.


We are here to help you delegate your ADA in our Pool. Feel free to contact us using our live chat or directly by email
contact [@]

Included services (coming soon)

  • Notifications: Receive notifications whenever ou pool find a new block and gets rewards
  • Updates: Stay up to date and be aware of any major changes in the blockchain that requires your attention
  • Stats: Receive monthly and yearly performance review of your delegation in our pool