The Chicken Pool

Cheap and reliable pool for the cardano blockchain

A point on sustainability and the capacity of this pool to remain viable long term. The pool’s cost are as follow: 13€/years for domain and website + 648€/years for servers + 0€ human labour (I work for free). Thanks to all of you who delegated to our pool on the ITN, we managed to collect over 50,000 ADA as rewards. At current price level this means around €5.5K. In other words this pool could run for 8 years without making profits and it would still be alive. I have my personal stack of ADA invested in the pool and I don’t intend to retire it anytime soon. In fact the servers have been payed in advance for the next 2 years using the rewards of the ITN. So be assured The Chicken Pool is not going to let you down. Once Goguen is alive and smart contract increase the amount of fees we collect, the earnings of the pool will increase as well and assure the pool can maintain its low cost long term. As always if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask on the telegram or the twitter account

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TheChickenPool is now a member of the ISPPA Alliance. Discover more at ISSPA Website

Clear Pricing

We take 0% + 340ADA per epochs, no more, no less.


Pool is protected with firewalls and its private keys are stored securely in safe.


The Pool is hosted by OVH in their European data center. It is up 24/7.


We are here to help you delegate your ADA in our Pool. Feel free to contact us using our live chat or directly by email
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