When will I receive rewards?

You just delegated to a pool (hopefully this one) and your are excited to get your first rewards ?! There are a few steps before you are able to collect your first ada.

  1. Delegation: You have just delegated your ada. It will take two epochs before your stack is accounted by the protocol of the Cardano blockchain. An epoch lasts for 5 days, so multiplied by 2 that is 10 days in total.
  2. Wait for blocks: Not all the pools receive an allocation to mint a block every epoch. If the pool you delegate to is too small, it might take a while before it is able to mint a block. Don’t panic and be patient, all the pools eventually mint a block. If your pool is big enough it will receive an allocation every epoch (5 days)
  3. Mint a block: Your pool just minted a block congrats! It is time to celebrate and prepare for the future rewards. Once a block has been minted it takes 2 epochs (10 days) before the rewards are distributed to you
  4. Collect your rewards: The wait is now over, head up to your favorite wallet and follow the instructions to collect your rewards

Let’s summarize the few steps in days term:

Delegation 10 days + Wait for a block 5 days minimum + Mint a block + Collect rewards 10 days = 25 days